Services Overview

Parakeet Coaching & Consulting has a vision of a cohesive society in which individuals and organisations work together to create strong communities that are collectively and individually meaningful.

We are committed to intentionally:

  • building social capital through individuals and organisations that conduct themselves in socially, environmentally and ethically responsible ways
  • co-creating organisations where people are inspired to make their best possible contributions because to do so is personally and professionally meaningful and fulfilling
  • supporting workplaces that provide each employee with a sense of purpose and satisfaction regardless of his or her role or aspirations
  • assisting individuals to develop meaningful jobs and careers, within the context of healthy and joyful lives. 



Organisational coaching /
executive coaching

Organisational (or 'executive') coaching helps people build their self awareness, develop a deeper understanding of organisational cultures and objectives, nurture management and leadership skills, encourage the growth of effective teams, manage performance and conflict, increase resilience and agility and achieve greater levels of health and wellbeing. Great for new supervisors, managers, leaders and teams.


Personal coaching / life coaching

Personal (or 'life') coaching helps people face the challenges of modern life. This may include identifying meaningful life goals, improving interpersonal and social relationships, career development, engaging in volunteerism, improving health and wellbeing, developing self-confidence or developing strategies to live abundantly and ethically.
Coachees are supported and challenged to work with stories, conversations, moods and their bodies to address areas of discontent and to thrive in new ways.


Bespoke programs

We are human beings, not human doings. The idea of ‘being’ is as applicable to organisations as it is to the humans that create them.
Instead of delivering proprietary methodologies like many other firms, we draw on ontological wisdom passed down through the ages to help you take a holistic approach to your organisation’s needs.
Applied to a wide variety of organisational issues, our focus on ‘being’ supports the co-creation of organisational strategy, policies, culture, work teams, products and processes.
We offer consultancy services, workshops, coaching (group and individual) and other activities that address the needs of individuals and organisations in a way that is organic, holistic and purposeful.