Christopher Hastie

Health Service Planner at The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network


It is a great pleasure to recommend Jenni to anyone seeking professional guidance and coaching. In engaging Jenni, I was seeking someone to help clarify my goals and facilitate the strategic positioning of myself to reach new career heights. I found Jenni to not only be a fantastic coach who enabled me to reach that next promotional level, but to also be a person who genuinely wants to see a person do their best, and achieve their goals. 

I have maintained a professional relationship with Jenni since our initial sessions, as I undoubtedly will seek her assistance again in the near future. I would recommend Jenni to anyone seeking a passionate, professional, and qualified coach.

Samantha Siripol

MPhil (Applied Epidemiology) student at the Australian National University / Australian Government Department of Health

I highly value Jenni's skills in quickly understanding and distilling issues and exploring solutions. In the three years I have been coached by Jenni, her support, advice and guidance has been essential to clarifying, understanding and working towards my career goals. I recommend Jenni unreservedly.


Susie Newman

Principal at Gemont Health Solutions

I met Jenni at the Department of Health and Ageing in her capacity as a section Director and mentor/life coach. I had the fortunate opportunity to be coached by Jenni on about 6 occasions. Jenni helped me understand the person I am and the person I wanted to be. She supported my big picture 'save the world' desires and over several sessions helped me map how I was going to get there through practical activities. She is one of the reasons why I have had the strength to go out alone and believe in my dreams and what I know I can offer. I thoroughly recommend Jenni to help any person or organisation break down who they are and what they want to be and the support their journey to this new world.


Jenni has been my mentor for more than two years. She helped me enhance my ability to shape strategic thinking and improve my communication skills. I have found Jenni is a wonderful person who encourages and inspires others to achieve beyond their initial expectations. I strongly recommend Jenni to anyone who is seeking professional guidance and coaching. 


Ying Huang

Senior Adviser at Therapeutic Goods Administration

I have known Jenni, first as my colleague, then as my mentor/coach and finally as my supervisor in the Department of Health. She is very effective and has high level of strategic skills in leading and managing members of the staff and programmes. In addition to her role in the public service she received qualifications in coaching and as a result she has been able to provide coaching sessions for me and number of other members in Health. She is observant, discreet and perceptive personality, who is easy to confide with. All great qualities for a coach. She is highly professional and has high ethical standards.


Selma Kaasinen

Senior Toxicologist, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority