200 Hours Initiative: supporting social justice and public health professionals

We are living in rapidly changing and challenging times. Social justice and public health are critical to the future well-being our communities.

Stories, narratives and the ontological approach in career coaching

My coachee, "Keira" was a woman in her mid-thirties who was working as a team leader in a large government department. She was a high

Love and coaching

The entire nation was moved this week by the amazing amount of love shown to Connie and Samuel Johnson this week as their dream of Big Heart Project was finally realised, raising well over $2 million dollars for cancer research.

Coaching: like cycling with a friend

How is hiring a coach like doing a cycling tour with a friend? As a coach, I work with individuals and teams both in and outside of the workplace.

Under performance management - is there an alternative?

From 'decent duffers' to 'low value employees', the Australian Public Service has long agonised how to deal with under-performance, with current strategies ranging from moves to strip away legal workforce protections in order to facilitate sacking through to trying new smartphone apps to increase motivation.

A companion on your journey

Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. - Pythagoras. In the organisational context, the decision to engage a coach is generally made because of its high return on investment, including through increased productivity and building self-confidence of employees.