Organisational (or 'executive') coaching helps people build the self-awareness needed to develop effective management and leadership skills. This encourages the growth of effective teams by supporting mindful management of performance. Dealing with change is improved through greater resilience and agility. This also results in less conflict and better resolution when conflict occurs. Coachees develop a deeper understanding of organisational cultures and objectives. They identify how they can both accommodate and influence others to benefit their organisation, clients and employees. This coaching is great for new supervisors, managers, leaders and teams.

“Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives.”

— Michelle obama


Parakeet Coaching & Consulting will equip you to take positive action in relation to:

  • Change: resulting from the need for agile workplaces, integration of new team members or managers, restructures, redundancy, return from maternity leave or significant illness, etc. 

  • Aspirations: clarification of big picture dreams,  enhancing health and wellbeing, identifying meaningful career choices and how to pursue them

  • Leadership: working with organisational culture & values, clarification of high level strategic goals, improving strategies & tactics, modelling healthy work-life integration consistent with wellbeing & personal values, making ethical decisions

  • Management: increasing team effectiveness, exploring alignment between organisational & personal goals, providing opportunities for professional & personal challenge & growth

  • Communication and conflict management: between colleagues and/or managers and their direct reports, with or between stakeholders