Parakeet Coaching and Consulting supports individuals and organisations to achieve success beyond their expectations by:

  • exploring alignment between organisational & personal goals

  • providing opportunities for professional & personal challenge & growth

  • stimulating a healthy life consistent with personal values

  • fostering improved approaches to staff management

  • improving interpersonal communication & conflict management skills.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

— C.S. Lewis

By engaging Parakeet Coaching and Consulting, you will become equipped to take positive action in relation to:

  • Change: resulting from the need for agile workplaces, integration of new team members or managers, restructures, redundancy, return from maternity leave or significant illness, etc. 

  • Aspirations: clarification of big picture dreams, work-life integration, enhanced health and wellbeing, meaningful career choices and how to pursue them

  • Leadership: clarification of high level strategic goals, effective leadership & management, improved strategies and tactics, work-life integration, increased team effectiveness, ethical decision making

  • Communication and conflict management: between colleagues and/or managers and their direct reports, with or between stakeholders