Supporting our community


200 hour initiative

In 2017, Jenni wrote an article outlining Parakeet Coaching & Consulting’s ‘200 hour initiative’: a special offer for energetic, socially conscious and committed under 35 year olds working in social justice or public health roles. We continue to provide generous discounts for young people whose paid or unpaid work meets the intentions of that initiative.

Canberra coaches connecting to the community

Each year, Parakeet Coaching & Consulting contributes to the Canberra Coaching Connecting to the Community (CCCC) program run by the ACT Branch of ICF Australasia. In order to support the community sector and acknowledge its contribution to society, the program offers pro-bono coaching to individuals working in community organisations across Canberra and Queanbeyan. Individuals receive five hours of coaching to build their capability and improve organisational outcomes. For further information about the program, contact the ACT Branch of ICF Australasia.